Blogger Poem – An Ode to My Lack of Information and Time

Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, has put out a blogging challenge this week to write a poem. Terry has taken challenges to a new level with this one! So, I’ve done my “homework” as Thomas calls it, and gave a meager attempt. But first, a confession…

I admit that I’m an English major with two degrees in “English”. I admit that I’m a writer, and I’ve even been paid on occasion to write. I admit that I’m a voracious reader because I love words (though both my writing and reading have taken a hit since starting this blog). I admit that I stole my blog’s name from the World’s Greatest Poet. But, Terry, here’s my ultimate confession: “I AIN’T NO POET!” So, please ignore that I have degrees and get paid to write sometimes, because no one will pay for this one!

My ancestors came from lands far away
Once in the US, they decided to stay
Leaving no trace of their origins, to my dismay
Now I’m trudging through history
Because their lives were a mystery
And genea-blogging now takes up my whole day!


4 thoughts on “Blogger Poem – An Ode to My Lack of Information and Time

  1. That’s really good, Donna – I’ve been trying to do this and I just can’t get anything yet!

  2. Here is a reader poem for your consideration — it is not a pretty sight! LOL!

    What’s past is prologue wrote the Bard
    And Donna the genealogist looks for every shard
    Of family history — yes, she look hard.
    She looks all day and she looks all night
    She looks and looks with all her might.
    Yes, Donna the genealogist is never bored.


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