Donna’s Picks: Week of February 3, 2008

Here are some posts from genealogy blogs that I really enjoyed this week. If you missed any, be sure to visit these sites!

Lee Drew at FamHist writes about several online tools that come in handy for genealogist. “Zoom, Write, and Learn” discusses Google Earth, Live Search Maps, PAF, Google Docs, ZOHO, and Google Books in a short yet informative post. [2/3/08]

Brave New Traveler isn’t a genealogy blog, but one article this week might prove useful to genealogists. “8 Free Online Resources for Learning A New Language” offers a comprehensive look at some language tools. Many genealogists will eventually have to deal with a foreign language. Whether you’re planning a trip back to the homeland or just want to pick out some foreign words, check out these resources. They’re free! [2/4/08]

This isn’t strictly for genealogists either, but since many of the genealogists who visit this site are also bloggers, it may be useful to some. Lorelle on WordPress has a challenge for bloggers on “Testing Your Blog’s Accessibility”. It’s not just about different browsers or operating systems, but also about making your site readable for everyone – “from cell phone access to color blind.” Click on the link to “Views of a Web Page” and learn about how your blog may not look the same to everyone who views it, and find out how to make changes for the better. [2/7/08]

We all seem to have old family photos full of folks we can’t identify, righ? Jasia at Creative Gene takes a rather, er, creative approach and tries “Using Facial Recognition Software in Photo Identification”. Results were mixed, but it’s an interesting approach that I never would have thought of. Maybe it can help point you in the right direction in determining who’s who in your old photos! [2/7/08]

The Polish Genealogy Project posts about a new “Surname Map” site for Poland. I’ve tried this as well as other sites, and it’s a lot of fun. It can even help in your research if your name isn’t very common.  The blurb for the site doesn’t give the directions, so click on the link – next to “Mapa nazwisk” enter a surname and click the “Szukaj” button.  If your name is in Poland (based on what data source and what years, I’m not sure), a map will appear.  I wrote an article on Surname Maps for various countries Family Chronicle last summer, so I’ll try to put a PDF up soon for my visitors who aren’t Polish.  But some of you non-Polish folks might be surprised…at least one non-Polish genea-blogger listed in my Blog Roll comes up on the map!  [2/5/08]

Check back next week for more of Donna’s Picks.  And many thanks to Jessica, Randy, Apple, and Terry for the “link love” they gave “What’s Past is Prologue” this week!


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