Donna’s Picks, Week of February 17, 2008

Here are some posts that I really enjoyed this week from both genealogy blogs and “other” blogs that had something interested and related to genealogy or at least genea-blogging.  If you missed any, be sure to visit these sites!

Brave New Traveler, which is a blog about travel, had an interesting post called “Can Your Grandparents Teach You About Love?” The writer questions the cynical nature of love in today’s age and looks back to her grandparents and their stories to learn a thing or two about what love really means.  [2/19/08]

Lisa at 100 Years in America also has a wistful post entitled “If only a church could tell stories”.  She ponders what the Legrad, Croatia’s Holy Trinity Church would say “if only its walls could speak” since it has seen so many events such as baptisms, marriages, and funerals since 1780. What genealogist among us hasn’t wondered the same about our ancestors houses and churches?  See her post for more on the church and its story.  [2/20/08]

A writing blog I visit called The Renegade Writer has an interesting post on “Using Word’s Auto-Correct Function for Interviews”.  Since many genealogists use Word to write family history stories (or blog posts), these shortcuts can be used for frequently-used genealogy words like surnames or place names. [2/20/08]

On a related note, you may want to also check out Randy’s musings at Genea-Musings on “Writing narratives in genealogy software”.  Do you use Word or another word processing program, or do you just use your genealogy software?  [2/22/08]

Finally, for a good genea-laugh, Terry Thornton has posted the hysterical results of his poetry challenge by publishing the Anthology of Blogger Poems: 2008 Challenge.  Do stop over and see the many responses to his challenge! [2/21/08]

Check back next week for more of Donna’s Picks.  And many thanks to Jessica and Terry for the “link love” they gave “What’s Past is Prologue” this week!  Also, in an example of my Gene Kelly blog converging with the topic of Genealogy, the last of the Kelly siblings has died this week in Alabama.  For a link to the obituary to learn more about Louise Kelly Bailey, see my Gene Scene blog post.

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