Donna’s Picks, Week of February 24, 2008

Here are some posts that I really enjoyed this week from both genealogy blogs and “other” blogs that had something interested and related to genealogy or at least genea-blogging.  If you missed any, be sure to visit these sites!

FootnoteMaven has a good post entitled “Sign Here Please!”.  She not only collects her ancestors’ autographs, but also explains how to display them quite attractively.  As I am a fellow ancestor-autograph-hunter, this certainly caught my eye. [2/24/08]

Small-Leaved Shamrock writes about “November 1892: PA train explosion makes NYC headlines”.  Not only is the story of Lisa’s 2nd great-grandfather’s untimely death  interesting, but her post reminds us of alternate sources of information we can use to learn more about the lives (and deaths) of our ancestors. [2/26/08]

Web Worker Daily describes Google’s latest offering in “Google Sites Finally Launches”.  This looks like it will be valuable for genealogists, especially genealogical societies. [2/27/08]

Randy highlights how “Genealogy Research shines today” with a story direct from major news headlines about a genealogist who proved that a memoir-author was a fraud.  Dear Myrtle also posted about this story with “Holocaust fraud solved by source documents” and interviews the genealogist in a podcast. [2/29/08]

Check back next week for more of Donna’s Picks.  And many thanks to Lisa and Terry for the “link love” they gave “What’s Past is Prologue” this week!


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