Interesting Immigration Side Effect

Yesterday I posted A Salute to Gutsy Women Travelers in my family which focused on the women who immigrated to this country alone to meet their husbands or other family members.  I noted how difficult it must have been for the married couples to be separated while the man traveled to the U.S. first to find work and a place for the family to live.  Today I realized a humorous “side effect” of that separation which proves that these gutsy women were very anxious to see their husbands after months or years apart.  Of the three married women I wrote about that were still of child-bearing age (and traveling alone), two had babies approximately 9 to 11 months after reuniting with their husbands!  The third woman may have, because I know she had some children that died and I haven’t yet accounted for their births or deaths. I wonder how many other families had a “baby boom” after the women arrived to join their men?

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