Stay Tuned…We’ll Be Back

Dear Visitors, Regular Readers, and Subscribers: I will be away from internet access for a longer-than-usual period of time, so you will not see any new posts for a little while. I had hoped to post a lot more in May since I knew June would be slow, but too many more important things got in the way. Things like the arrival of spring weather – this year it lasted a whole two weeks, a new Philadelphia record! [For the record, it’s back today after several “dead-of-summer” sweltering, humid days.] Second, I was busy preparing for my getaway, and it’s hard to write about genealogy when you are not doing any research.

What’s planned for What’s Past is Prologue after this short break? Stay tuned for…

  • Photos from my trip. Although they won’t be genealogy-related, I am visiting two of the most photogenic places on earth and I hope to share some great shots with you.
  • Interviews with some well-known authors or researchers in the wonderful world of genealogy.
  • Details about my first visit back to the local FHC in years – I plan to focus on some new leads as well as go back to some familiar records again for more.
  • To borrow a line from The X-Files…the truth photos is are out there! Photos of my ancestors, that is. I plan a no-holds-barred search for existing photos of my great-grandparents by contacting many second cousins that don’t even know they’re my second cousins yet.
  • A closer look at The Black Death as it hit my ancestors’ hometown in 1632.
  • More Carnival of Genealogy reflections…including my first stint as host!
  • More on Polish names! By far, my most popular (as in most viewed) post has been one of my first posts – Polish Names and Feast Days with 735 views.  This topic is obviously of interest to many, so I will try to cover it in more detail.

So long, and see you soon!

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