Smile for the Camera: Crowning Glory

The prompt for the 5th Edition of the Smile for the Camera Carnival is Crowning Glory: Show us those wonderful photographs of hairdos and maybe even a few don’ts. Don’t limit yourself to just hair fashion through the ages, got a great photograph of a hat, helmet, bonnet, or some other interesting headgear?

Well, it just so happens that the Pointkouski children seem to have a “thing” for funky headcoverings and/or hairdos.  Let me show you what I mean…

I would like to think that perhaps they take after their Aunt Donna:

But it’s more likely that they take after their Daddy:

Then again, the reality is that we all take after Pop-Pop:

Apparently humor is genetic!

[This post submitted for the 5th Edition of Smile for the Camera!]

Mosaics were made using Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker.


4 thoughts on “Smile for the Camera: Crowning Glory

  1. You take the cake, Donna! Any one of these photos would have made a great post but the whole collection… outstanding! What a hoot!

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