You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Today I had the pleasure of receiving two honors from fellow genea-bloggers.  First, Julie over at GenBlog is Feeling the Love and tagged me with the “I ♥ Your Blog” honor.  You are supposed to nominate 7 other blogs that you also love to pass this on.  But, so many genea-bloggers have been “loved” multiple times already.  So, I’ll be my usual self and break the rules instead.  I offer an alternative to choosing 7 blogs I love: if you also love my blog like Julie and are reading this, then please choose 7 blogs you love and leave a comment on one of their posts.  Nothing says “I love you” like a comment!

As if Julie’s honor weren’t enough for one day, I received another blessing…I’ve been picked by DearMyrtle for “Best of the Internet” for this week!  Myrt (aka Pat Richley) has chosen my post on The Family History Project Revisited.  Thank you so much!  I’m a big fan of Myrtle, and not just because it’s the second time she’s chosen me for “Best of the Internet”!  It truly is an honor, and I’m glad I’ve written things that others want to read.  I hope I can keep it up!


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