Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About “What’s Past is Prologue”

Terry Thornton of Hill Country of Monroe County as challenged other bloggers to write a post as an introduction to new readers describing who we are, what our blog is about, and what our writing goals are, as well as choosing three examples of our brightest, breeziest, and most beautiful posts.  This one’s for you, Terry!

What’s Past is Prologue has an “About Me” tab which offers a brief introduction to my background.  It will tell you everything you want to know about me and probably a few things you don’t.  I’ve updated it in honor of Terry’s challenge!

I am many things…41 years young, a Philadelphian, a Catholic, a writer, a traveler, an aunt.  But this blog isn’t about any of that…I’m a genealogist.  I began researching my family’s history in 1989 and I haven’t stopped since.  This blog doesn’t merely focus on my family – I can’t even get my own family interested in that!  But I try to focus on the research techniques I’ve used to find things, or tips that can be useful in your search for your own family’s history.  By reading about things I’ve discovered on my genealogical journey, hopefully you’ll be inspired to seek a similar path.  This blog started partly because I wanted to write…I used to be good, or at least that’s what a lot of people told me.  But I didn’t put my talent to good use.  I was never successful at keeping a journal, so I decided to try to blog as a form of writing – even if it was only read by myself.  By forcing myself to write, perhaps I could re-discover the talent I once had.  But a funny thing happened…other people started reading what I wrote.  Thanks to new-found friends and fans, I’m still writing and I’m happy about that!

If you are new to the site and what to discover some of what it’s all about, these are my “picks” for the posts that best describe who I am and what sort of things you’ll find here.

My “brightest” work, which according to Terry is the best and what you should read first to understand me and this blog, is A Salute to Gutsy Women Travelers.  This offers a little bit of personal genealogy, research tips, and a dash of “wonder” that makes boring old facts a little more interesting to me.

For my “breeziest” work, or funniest, I nominate My Big, Old, Fast, Favorite Car.  I had a lot more laughs with my Top Ten list, but unless you happen to be a genea-blogger, who probably won’t get what’s so funny.  The car post, on the other hand, gives you a hint at my humor.

I have a difficult time calling any of my posts the most “beautiful” to be truthful.  But, if pressed, I will choose Hilaire Bergmeister: A Tribute to An Aunt.  I wrote it from the heart.  I don’t know much about the woman, but what I discovered and pieced together has made me admire her greatly.

I’d much rather hear what YOU think are the brightest, breeziest, and beautiful here, so if you have any other choices please let me know!


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