I read it in the news?

The COG Herald, September 30, 2008, buried somewhere on a ripped and damaged page

SOURCE: COG Herald, September 30, 2008, buried on a ripped page in the back of the newspaper...

This week’s 57th Carnival of Genealogy proves to be an interesting one.  That is, if you actually have any ancestors that made the news!  The “Call for Submissions” says: Newspapers can be a wonderful source of family history information. I can find nary an obit much less a fascinating news story.  Not yet, anyway…I’m still looking.  The above is my suspicion, but since that’s a bit outrageous I may have to go with my first theory…someone was in the Witness Protection Program at some point.  But, you know what they say, “If you can’t join ’em, at least make yourself laugh.”  Well, somebody said it – I read it in the news!

Special thanks to The Newspaper Clipping Generator.

[Submitted for the 57th Carnival of Genealogy: I read it in the news!]

5 thoughts on “I read it in the news?

  1. I love it! So very sorry though to hear that you haven’t found anything at all about your ancestors in the newspapers. Makes me feel a little guilty (Not) about all the neat stuff I’ve found on my family…

  2. I haven’t found much in the way of newspaper articles yet either, you were really thinking with this post! I love it!

  3. Very creative! I blew off this Carnival, because I only have one newspaper clipping and it involves a living person. Kudos to you for finding a way.

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