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Today I was tagged by Thomas of Destination: Austin Family to reveal five things about me in various categories.  While this doesn’t have much to do with genealogy, sometimes blogging is about getting to know one another.  Besides, how can I say “no” to Thomas?  Here you go…

**10 years ago I:
1. was buying ecclesiastical supplies for military chaplains
2. lived with my parents
3. had a cat named Stanley
4. traveled to Bavaria for the first time
5. was dating a guy who lived two states and four hours away

** 5 things on today’s “to-do” list:
1. go for a walk (done)
2. buy a car (almost done – I pick it up tomorrow)
3. finish some blog posts (not done due to time spent buying car)
4. call a guy about new windows (still not done)
5. watch the Philadelphia Phillies win the National League Championship Series! (game starts in a half hour!)

**5 places I have lived:
1. Philadelphia, PA
2. a small town in New Jersey
3. Rome, Italy
4. Honolulu, Hawaii
5. U.S. Virgin Islands
Okay, so the last three aren’t the truth, but it is nice to see it in print and dream a little.  I’ve only lived in two houses in my life.  I lived in the same house in Philadelphia for 35 years, now I live in another.  I travel a lot, but home doesn’t move much.

**5 jobs I have had:
1. acquisition executive for the DoD
2. writer
3. clerk at a supermarket with duties ranging from the video rental counter to stocking shelves in the “non-foods” department
4. wedding videographer
5. “rectory girl” (what we called ourselves when we worked at our church’s rectory answering the phone and door as well as serving dinner to the priests)

As a “twist” on this meme, since I can’t do anything by following the rules, I’ve added a  category and I encourage my “tagged” friends to add on their own variations as well…

**5 places I’ve been that I want to return to:
1. Rome, Italy
2. Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany
3. Poland
4. Paris, France
5. Island Beach State Park, NJ

Here are five genea-bloggers that I pass this meme to:
1. Lisa at 100 Years in America
2. Steve at Steve’s Genealogy Blog
3. Terry at Hill Country of Monroe County
4. Craig at GeneaBlogie
5. Becky at Kinexxions

Feel free to leave your own answers in the comments!

Edit 10 minutes later: Ooops, it appears that I was also tagged by Jasia at Creative Gene – I just hadn’t read her post yet!  She also tagged Lisa and Steve…you can’t get to these things fast enough.  If you’re reading, consider yourself tagged!

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