Yes, Donna, There is a Genea-Santa

Dear Genea-Santa,

I haven’t written to you for quite a while.  In fact, it was back when your name was just Santa.  But now that you’ve branched out into genealogical gifts, there are three wishes I’d like granted.  Could you please leave these things under my tree this year?

  1. Photos of Jan and Rozalia Piontkowski.  You know where to find them (I sure don’t!).  I’d love to see what my great-grandparents looked like.
  2. Photos of the Pater family.  One that definitely existed is the photo of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Miller Pater.  But I’m sure there are others.  The family had seven children – surely there is at least one of my great-grandfather, Louis Pater, as a younger man.  Just in case you can’t find these, I’d be satisfied with the genealogy that my granduncle Victor Pater supposedly researched back “500 years” from the U.S. to Poland to England. Uncle Victor died at the age of 32, and no one knows what happened to his research.  I’d be happy with either the Pater photos or his research!
  3. My great-grandmother Wacława Slesinska Zawodna’s sewing machine.

That’s it, Genea-Santa.  I’ve been good this year, so I really hope you can deliver! I’ll leave the light on for you…


[Written for the 62nd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: Three Wishes]

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