Christmas Memories

Here’s a look at some of my family’s favorite Christmas memories!

Note: This is my first attempt using Slide.  There is not as much control as I’d like, but it was a little faster than creating an avi or mpg of my own.  But, the music isn’t alwasy timed the same, so sometimes it ends perfectly at the last shot, and other times it starts repeating the photos!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Memories

  1. Great job Donna! So happy I made it in- love that picture of us!! I have to figure out how to email the mini-movies I’ve made for this year. I usually use the Microsoft movie maker but I like the frames you used here, I may need to try this out:)
    Merry Christmas to all!
    Love, The Gallaghers
    Kathy, Steve, Joe & Jack

  2. What a fantastic collection of holiday photos you have, Donna! I’m so envious.

    There’s just one thing I want to know. How in the world did you get your cats to tolerate being dressed as Santa and a reindeer? LOL!

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