New Year’s Genealogy Resolutions



I’ve always hated the term “resolutions” as it applies to New Year’s, mostly because the word evokes difficult things like exercise and hard work.  Instead, I try to make a list of some fun things I want to accomplish during the year, like things to do or places to go.  It may not be as useful for self-improvement, but the list itself is more satisfying to write and accomplish!  But, even with “fun” things, one has to be careful of what one wishes for…one of the things I wanted to do last year was start a genealogy blog, and now look what’s happened!

I’ve come up with a few genealogy-related goals for 2009.  I did the same for 2008, but since I didn’t have a public blog in which to broadcast those goals, they can remain undisclosed to protect my pride.  For 2009, I hope to:

  • Go back one more generation on each of my great-grandparents’ lines – for a few, that means research in the 1600’s; for others, it means finding out who their parents were in the late 1800’s.  This may sound either daunting to beginners or too unfocused to experienced researchers, but I want to get back into the basics of research, and I have a hard time focusing on just one family for too long.
  • Get back to the library – the Family History Library, that is.  I haven’t been there in quite some time, despite the fact that I’ve lived much closer to it for the last several years.  I will need to do this to accomplish my previous goal!
  • In a combination of the above two goals, I want to find some missing details on my Bavarian ancestry.  I can go back several generations, but I am missing some vital information from a much closer time period, about 1875-1895.  This information hasn’t caused a problem with any proof of ancestry, but I want to find some death information to complete the facts for these families.
  • Keep writing – both with this blog as well as magazine articles.  I won’t commit to it as a “resolution”, but it’s time to do more than “just think” about some book ideas, too.  I have some new ideas for What’s Past is Prologue for the upcoming year, but my readers will hear more about that later in the week when I celebrate a Very Special Holiday.

What are your goals to jump-start your research next year?

[Written for the 63rd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: New Year’s Resolutions]

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Genealogy Resolutions

  1. Hi Doona!
    I’ve given you the Proximidade Award. You can get the details
    over at West in New England!


  2. Donner:

    I too want to get back to the library. As much as I wish everything was online, it isn’t.

    I’ve also been reading the “Oxford Guide To Library Research.” Don’t want to miss something while I’m there.


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