Fashions of the 1920’s

Last month, I shared photos of my great-grandmother’s sisters.  I have several more unidentified photos; I know they are of the sisters, but which one?  The three photos below are perfect for the latest edition of  the Smile for the Camera Carnival, for they certainly offer the distinctive style of dress of the 1920s.  These all appear to be photos of the same sister…is it Jane or Mary?  See my previous posts on the Slesinski sisters for other photos (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).  If you enjoy identifying persons in photos, let me know which sister you think it is in the comments!  She was certainly into fashion and “costume” – the 1920s version of a “Project Runway” or Glamour fan!


[Submitted for the 10th Edition of the Smile for the Camera Carnival: Costume.]

5 thoughts on “Fashions of the 1920’s

  1. I love all these pictures. I think my favorite dress would have to be the middle one. Wonder if that was satin that she was wearing? Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are wonderful pictures! What treasures they are! I don’t think they are all of the same sister, however. The distance from the bottom of the lip to the bottom of the chin on the third picture is greater than the same area on the middle picture. If you go by chins alone and compare these pictures to the one posted in “Part 3”, I’d say the bottom one is Jane and the middle one is “Mom.”

    The first one could go either way on the chin depending on the set of the jaw when the photo was taken. The nose on the first one looks more like the nose on the third one. The woman in the first one and the woman in the second photo have a similar hair arrangement. In the first photo, it looks like she may be unsuccessfully trying to cover a widow’s peak. Any chance only one of them had a widow’s peak? Or maybe a scar or birthmark they wanted to cover? The second one may be doing the same thing. The eyes and eyebrows look more similar in the first and second photos especially due to the curve of the eyebrows. Hope this helps!

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