The 2008 iGENE Awards!

igene-theaterIt’s that time of year again…time for the Academy Awards.  But not that Academy!  More appropriate to this blog is the Academy of Genealogy and Family History (AGFH)!  Each year, our illustrious Academy offers genea-bloggers the opportunity to celebrate the “best of the best” – our best blog posts for 2008.

nan_wedding_fullBest Picture

“I love the hat and flowers – and the shoes are to die for! Delicious!” ~ Denise Olson from Moultrie Creek ~

The “Best Picture” category honors the “Best Old Family Photo” that appeared on What’s Past is Prologue in 2008.  And the winner is…Hats Off from April 9, 2008.  This rather fashionably-dressed young woman is my grandmother, Mae Zawodna Pater.  The occasion is her sister Jane’s wedding to Sigmund Galecki in 1925, and she is the maid of honor.

Best Screenplay

“That was just wonderful – a pleasure to read! She looks like she would be such fun to talk with.” ~ Lidian from The Virtual Dime Museum ~

Which family story that you shared in 2008 would make the best movie? None other than Tribute to an Aunt from March 14, 2008.  This is the tale of my great-great aunt, Hilaire Bergmeister, who leaves her family behind in Bavaria and immigrates alone to America.  There she works as a shopkeeper and falls in love with an older man.  After they marry, she helps her brothers journey to America.  But once the family is together, tragedy strikes.  After several untimely deaths, this aunt welcomes her nieces and nephews and guides them into adulthood.

Best Documentary

“This is such an interesting post, Donna. What a find to discover these types of records for your family members..” ~ Lisa from 100 Years in America ~

The “Best Documentary” category offered a wide variety of eligible posts, which included any informational article about a place, thing, or event involving my family’s history.  In a surprise win, the award goes to If These Walls Could Speak: A German Häuserchronik from February 12, 2008.  This documentary tells the story of a unique resource for German genealogy, the häuserchronik, how it helped in my own genealogy, and where you can search for books from your own ancestor’s town.

Best Biography

“I really liked the two part history and the myth busting you were able to do.”  ~ Apple from Apple’s Tree ~

The best biographical article in 2008 is Joseph Zawodny posted on August 22, 2008.  Joseph Zawodny, my great-grandfather, led an ordinary life compared to the myths and stories that live on.  However, his life is also exciting in and of itself because of his youth growing up in the “borderland” region of Russian Poland, his marriage and subsequent immigration, his large family, and his lifelong love for his wife, Laura.

Best Comedy

“…we get idea that your family had quite the sense of humor… you must have laughed through your whole childhood!” ~ Jasia from Creative Gene ~

jim_frank_balletWhat was the best funny story, poem, joke, photo, or video that I shared on my blog in 2008?  Since I often use humor in my writing, there were many contenders in this category. But, the award went to a post that was not funny because of my writing talent, but because of my genes.  And the iGene goes to…My Father, the Comedienne, which was submitted for the 6th edition of the Smile for the Camera Carnival on October 6, 2008.  Read the story that explains this rather funny photo of my father, Jim, and his best buddy Frank!  They were and are true comedic geniuses and are my humorous inspiration to this day!

I’d like to thank the Academy, and our Carnival of Genealogy hostess with the “mostess”, Jasia, for a wonderful chance to look back on our blogs.  I’d also like to thank the illustrious footnoteMaven for graciously allowing me to use “the Maven method” for my post.  Imitation (with permission) is the sincerest form of flattery.  Unfortunately, my gown wasn’t nearly as fabulous as Maven’s, so I chose not to show the photo of me on the red carpet! Until next year!

[Written for the 66th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: iGENE Awards.]

5 thoughts on “The 2008 iGENE Awards!

  1. Donner:

    The marquee is to die for and I love each of your choices. The photograph is a particular favorite.

    So glad I could join you for the Awards party. Drink up, I look forward to joining you on the red carpet next year!


  2. Well I am passing an award on to you that was bestowed on me. I fear that I have been a tad irreverent in my presentation, but it’s been one of those days where I just could not help myself from having some fun. Kindly click here:

    and collect your reward, I mean award.

    Have a very Groovy Day

  3. Thanks, Ladies!

    fM – you might recognize the marquee from a certain movie you once watched three times in one day.

    Sheri – your irreverence is always welcome – thanks for the award.

    Lisa – thanks so much

    Wendy – the brilliant idea for the quotes belongs to footnoteMaven. I stole it, er, I mean I BORROWED it from her (that’s what I meant by “the Maven method”). I agree – it’s a brilliant idea!


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