Donna’s Picks: March 1, 2009

“Donna’s Picks” is my occasional feature to highlight other blogs, posts, or articles that may be of interest to my fellow genealogists.   Sit back and enjoy the following links!

History – A few weeks ago Maureen Taylor, the Photo Detective, wrote about a new oral history project. The West Point Center for Oral History will interview veterans of World War II through the present conflicts and archive their stories on the site.  According to the site, it “will serve as a powerful learning tool for West Point cadets and as an important research center for historians and the general public.”  I couldn’t agree more.  Plus, my second cousin on the Bergmeister side is the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets at West Point, so here’s a little “shout out” to my family!

Genealogical Records – Have you ever had difficulty deciphering old handwriting in records?  Seriously, who has not had difficulty!  Read “What’s That Say?” by The Polish Genealogy Project for a great primer on how to figure out handwriting in various languages through the ages.

Genealogy Blog – Well, it’s not specifically genealogy-related, but the Strange Maps blog is a delight to genealogists, history lovers, and anyone who loves maps of all kinds.  Some have a unique genealogy twist though, like the 11-year-old boy’s drawing of his immigration!  Don’t click through to the site unless you have some time to kill, because there are so many interesting posts you’ll have a hard time leaving.  Consider yourself warned.

Genealogy Blogger Challenge – It’s not a challenge, per se, but Craig Manson came up with a great idea for bloggers to post their Names, Places, & Most Wanted Faces.  Several bloggers have already posted their lists.  I’m still deciding and/or writing some posts, but my names and places are listed on the sidebar to the right if anyone wants a sneak peak.

A New Carnival in Town – see the very first edition of the latest genealogy-related carnival, the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival!

Blogging – If you are always on the look-out to improve your blog or your writing, check out Seven Expert Tips for Outstanding Web Writing at ProBlogger.

That’s all of Donna’s Picks for today.  Here’s a Happy Blogiversary wish to footnoteMaven who is celebrating two years as a genea-blogger.  In blog years, she’s a veteran!  I’d also like to send out some get well wishes to Terry, Ernie, and Becky – come back soon because I miss your posts!


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