Weekend with Shades

It’s that time again…time for my monthly Weekend with Shades column, The Humor of It, at Shades of the Departed.  After being sick this month, I had a hard time finding the humor in anything, but I found some inspiration in events that happen around this time of year – and seeing how silly my old photos of those events looked certainly helped!  This month’s column is called Rites & Wrongs of Passage.  It tries to find the humor in those two events that were oh-so-important long ago – the prom and graduation.  Once again, I have a special photo (two for one this month) to invite you to join me at Weekend with Shades.

Lou and I at my senior prom; my friend Kathy as one seriously cool graduate.

Lou and I at my senior prom; my friend Kathy as one seriously cool graduate.

Yes, I know footnoteMaven doesn’t refer to these sorts of shades, but I can’t resist.  Besides, I want to see how many shades photographs I can find – it’s my own personal photo carnival each month to entice you to wander over to Shades of the Departed for my column.  Come to think of it, you should also wander over every weekend because there is a stellar collection of columnists, as well as during the week for the illustrious footnoteMaven’s own writing.


3 thoughts on “Weekend with Shades

  1. Shades and I seldom wear them. Many people find them cool and a statement piece. I like to see the eyes of the person I am talking to. :>)

  2. Susi,

    You won’t see my eyes if you’re talking to me outside on a sunny day. I don’t care about looking cool or making a statement – I wear them for protection! Or occasionally for photographs such as the above, but always outside for protection.


  3. Donner:

    Love your challenge to yourself to come up with a “Shades Promo” every month.

    Too Cool!


    P.S. And I LOVED your Rites & Wrongs of Passage! Classic!

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