Photo Mystery Solved

galecki-marriageA mystery involving one of the family photos I have posted on this site has been solved!  Oddly enough, it was not one of my Photo Mystery posts, but it can still be considered a mystery of sorts.  Last June I posted the 1925 wedding photo shown to the left for the Smile for the Camera Carnival.  I could identify the bride and groom as my grandmother’s sister, Jane Zawodna, and her husband, Sigmund Galecki.  The maid of honor is my grandmother, Mae Zawodna.  But I didn’t have a clue who the the best man was.  I could have discovered his identity if I had I checked the marriage record itself, but I had no real need for genealogical purposes so he remained a smiling mystery.

Last month, another researcher found my site – the cousins of my Galecki cousins.  Rich and Alice informed me that the best man was Rich’s Uncle Louie!  Louis Galecki was the brother of the groom, Sigmund (Rich’s Uncle Ziggy).  According to census and draft registration records, Louis was born in 1900 and Sigmund in 1903.  It’s nice to know that the attractive couples in the photograph are a pair of sisters and a pair of brothers (little did I know I could have submitted it for the “Brothers and Sisters” theme instead of the “Belles and Beaus” theme)!

I previously posted another photo of my grandmother from this wedding here.  She also saved one other photo from the wedding that includes Louis as well.  She is 18 years old and would not capture the eye of my grandfather, who was five years her junior, for a few more years (they would marry in 1930).  But looking at her expression here I can just imagine why he later gave her the nickname Killer.

Louis Galecki and Mae Zawodna serve as best man and maid of honor at the wedding of their siblings, 1925

Louis Galecki and Mae Zawodna serve as best man and maid of honor at the wedding of their siblings, 1925

3 thoughts on “Photo Mystery Solved

  1. Rich Zaleski always thought that his Uncle Louie (the best man) was the younger brother of his Uncle Ziggy (the groom), but your research has shown it is the other way around. Thank you for this information, it is helping Rich get all his aunts and uncles in the correct cronological order.

  2. Hello Donna, Alice and Rich…. my name is Heather Halwani and have just begun putting my family tree together. To jump to my point…I think your Louie Galecki is also my Great-Great Uncle! I’ve asked my mother and aunt to look at the photos above and tell me if they recognize Louie and they gave me an astounding YES! My mother just dropped a photo of him in the mail to me and I’ll do the comparison myself once it gets here.

    Let me explain how I’m related to Louie…

    Louie was married to Kate (Gladkowski). Kate Gladkowski is the sister of my Great Grandmother Helen. They were all born in the early 1900s in Philadlephia (Port Richmond).

    Louie and Kate had two children, Walter and Eleanor. I don’t have much more info than that, but maybe that’s where you come in?

    I hope we’ve linked the same Louie Galecki- I doubt many people shared that name.


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