My Favorite Finds

I just spent more time than I want to admit working on Bill West’s Genea-bloggers’ Just Make Up Some Lyrics Challenge!  I’m used to making up lyrics to songs on the radio – yes, people think I’m strange.  So I was lucky that Bill had such an excellent idea.  I’m still strange, but now I have company!  Oddly enough, I had seen the original post of the challenge as well as some of the great contributions so far.  I even commented on footnoteMaven’s post today that I had better post mine before someone “steals” my song.  Imagine my surprise when I saw Bill’s response to his own challenge.  It was posted almost two weeks ago, but I somehow missed it.  Ooops!  It seems as though Bill is singing MY song!  But our surnames are different, and so are our rhymes, so I am going to post my lyrics anyway.  Great minds think alike, so I’m sure Bill won’t mind (I could use a flutaphone accompaniment though).  I knew I should have chosen “Disturbia” or “Superfreak” or something more original…oh well, there is still time to submit another song to the challenge!

My Favorite Finds (to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music)

Finding Pfaffenhofen, as Echerer’s birth place,
Lots of Bergmeister’s to meet and embrace,
The census online; genea-blogs of all kinds,
These are a few of my favorite finds!

Piontkowski grandfather, changing his name,
Finding his arrival was just like a game,
Finally found it, nearly losing my mind.
One more example of a wonderful find!

Zawodny’s in records, but Miller’s a mystery,
Pater’s from Poland, all part of my history,
Slesinski photos showing family tree binds,
These are a few of my family tree finds!

I can’t find them!
What’s the spelling?
Handwriting’s really bad!
I simply remember my favorite finds,
And then I don’t feel so mad.

[Submitted for the first-ever Just Make Up the Lyrics Challenge: Family Names – see the rules here.]

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Finds

  1. Thanks, Bill!

    Killa, I don’t do it *all* the time, but I’ve had my moments. My masterpiece was about 20 years ago when I re-did the lyrics to Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale” to describe my brother telling our group of friends that he decided to enter the seminary. Naturally, this is a long time before the four nieces and nephews he has given me. Irony of that particular song is that my bro actually hung out with the lead singer in the early 80s when they both were in Iceland (Bro was a Marine, gosh only knows what the other guy was doing in Reykjavik). Not sure the band would have appreciated my lyrics instead, but I thought they were quite funny. 😉

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