Blazing Diapers

We were either too poor to take a pony ride or there were no ponies in the city, because there are no “pony pictures” in my family.  But who needs a pony?  Even living in a big city like Philadelphia, we still had some tough cowboys to defend us!  Here’s my favorite photo of my brother:

Gunslinger Drew, 1961

Drew in 1961 - If he could talk, I'm sure he'd quote John Wayne: "Out here a man settles his own problems."

With a gun in one hand, and a bottle in the other, he’s off to save the world.  Or at least prevent his pacifier from being stolen.

[Submitted for the 78th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: Pony Pictures]


8 thoughts on “Blazing Diapers

  1. Thanks for all the nice comments! That photo kind of summarizes my true essence…modern cowboy, renaissance man, protector.
    I still like guns and bottles, but I no longer wield both at the same time, and I never even touch a weapon after drinking!
    I may try to re-create that pose with my own two year old son. He already has an ever-present pacifier and an assortment of toy guns. Although he has long given-up the bottle for a sippy cup, he’s got the Point-squint down pat!

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