An Honor Just to be Nominated


Family Tree Magazine (not a magazine I have written for in the past) wants to highlight the Top 40 Genealogy Blogs in their May 2010 issue.  In addition to many of the blogs I read daily written by many people who have become good friends, What’s Past is Prologue has been included among the nominees!  You can find it in the Personal/Family category.  Other categories include All-around, Local/Regional, Cemetery, Photos/Heirlooms, Heritage, News/Resources, How-to, Genealogy Companies, and Genetic Genealogy. Footnotemaven (also a nominee) has a list with links to each and every nominee in this post.  Thanks to those who nominated my blog, and thanks in advance for your votes!  The voting period is open until November 5th. 

Don’t forget to vote for your favorites!


5 thoughts on “An Honor Just to be Nominated

  1. Sister Donner,

    You by far have more balls than I – I didn’t put up the “Vote for Me” badge on my blog. I was going to but then though well that is really snarky and aren’t I all full of myself. But now you have done it and it doesn’t look snarky on you.

    I think that this is a covet thy neighbor kinda of thing and I cannot afford to loose any “Get Out of Hell Free” cards.

    Congratulations I am so proud to call you my Sista.

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