A Sweeter “Sweet Sixteen”

In August, Randy Seaver created an informative Saturday Night Genealogical Fun (SNGF) challenge to name our sixteen great-great grandparents, provide their pertinent dates and locations, and calculate one’s ethnic background.  My response to his challenge was a post called Sweet Sixteen: My Great-Great Grandparents. But I couldn’t name all sixteen.  In my post, I lamented the fact that certain branches on my family tree were little more than twigs.  In particular, my patrilineal line had three unknowns and a maybe.

Today, I know their names.

Thanks to my Piontkowski (Piątkowski) great-grandparents’ marriage record, I can add names to the first four slots of my Sweet Sixteen list, making it much, much sweeter.  They are:

  1. Stanisław Piątkowski (ahnentafel#16)
  2. Apolonia Konopka (ahnentafel#17)
  3. Jan Kiziewieter (possibly misspelled on the record; later known as Kizoweter) (ahnentafel#18)
  4. Marianna Ostał (ahnentafel#19)

More to come on the record itself and its details once I get a copy.  Many thanks to Zenon Znamirowski of Polish Origins for finding this for me!  (You’ll also be hearing more about Polish Origins™ soon when I have a special interview with Zenon – stay tuned!)

7 thoughts on “A Sweeter “Sweet Sixteen”

  1. Yikes! I spelled Zenon’s name wrong! It is now corrected in the post – Znamirowski! I, of all people, know what it’s like to have your name misspelled. Unfortunately, my fingers often type with a mind of their own…Sorry, Zenon!

  2. Not a problem at all, Donna :-). I am not so sensitive for my name changes, especially when I encounter this problem so often in my research of other surnames!

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