Join the Navy, See the World

The word prompt for the 18th edition of the Smile for the Camera carnival is Travel: show us your family and how they traveled.  Well, that’s a hard one…other than my immigrant ancestors arriving in the U.S. by ship, I don’t know of any other travelers in the family – and I certainly don’t have any photos of them.  I seem to be the first bitten by the travel bug.  Until I remembered that my father did travel – courtesy of the United States Navy!  Here is a photo of him (on the right) and his buddy on their ship, the USS Cadmus.


Aboard the USS Cadmus, circa 1956-58

The expression the Navy used for recruiting for many years was “Join the Navy and See the World” – in my father’s case, this was true.  He was only in the Navy for two years, but he managed to travel quite a bit.  The USS Cadmus, AR-14, was a repair ship.  She made her first transatlantic crossing in 1957 to Scotland, France, and Spain.  The following year the ship had exercises in the Mediterranean.  My father has very fond memories of his time in the Navy, and he still remembers those ports of call.  It would be the only time my father ever traveled outside of the United States.  Here is a photo of the USS Cadmus:


USS Cadmus, AR-14

[Written for the 18th Edition of Smile for the Camera Carnival: Travel]

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7 thoughts on “Join the Navy, See the World

  1. What a wonderful post! My dad was in the Navy too…on the Oakland and the Hughes. He really did want to see the world, and leave his little corner of the state of Ohio!

  2. I was aboard the Cadmus from late fifty six until 1958. I remember the cruise to the french riviera and we all had a good time.

  3. I also served on the CADMUS from 1957 – 1959 and have fond memories of the Scotland and Med cruises.

  4. My dad was on this ship, I think around 1959, his name was Richard LaCombe from Louisiana. It would be nice to hear from someone he knew on the ship

  5. I served aboard the Cadmus in 68 and 69. Radarman 2nd. Remember lots of time between Newport and Boston, and one trip to Norfolk. Great duty aboard a tender, after my first two years on an always steaming AF.

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