I Haven’t Felt Creative Lately, But…

A few months ago, I somehow managed to go away on a 3-week vacation but wrote and scheduled at least ten blog posts to hit while I was out of the country.  But for the last two weeks I’ve been sidetracked by normal everyday life and just gave up on blogging.

Well, these things happen.  When they do, it’s really hard to pick up that pen/keyboard again and get back to it.  It helps that while I was gone, my readers still read my older posts.  And not one, but THREE FOUR different bloggers have awarded me the “Kreativ Blogger” award.  I try my best to be creative, but I’m not sure I can live up to the kreativ moniker!  Here’s the obligatory 7 random facts about me, which I’ve tried to relate to genealogy and blogging…

1. I’ve met only one geneablogger in person so far.  I’m convinced he moonlights as Santa Claus.  Take note: Santa and Randy have never been seen together.  Coicindence?  I think not…

2. My hero is Chris Dunham.

3. I know footnoteMaven‘s real name.  Don’t try to get it out of me…she knows where I live, AND she knows how to handle various weapons.

4. I really want to be the separated-at-birth triplet sister of Steve and Jasia.

5. Every time I see my nieces and nephews, I try to give them new nicknames.  This week we’re reindeer – Dancer, Vixen, Dasher and Cupid join Aunt Donner.

6. My 20-year genealogical mission: to explore strange old ancestors, to seek out new facts and photos, to boldly split infinitives and go where no geneablogger has gone before!

7. All I really want to do is direct.

So there you have it – more things about me you really have no need to know.  I would love to pass this on to seven other bloggers as required, but I’m late to the party and most of the usual suspects have already
received the very same award.  Do read those who have nominated me though:

  • Mother Superior Sheri Fenley, the Educated Genealogist herself, on 11/17.  I don’t like to cook either, but if you come clean my toilets for me I’ll cook you dinner.  Just don’t vacuum, please!
  • Katie from You Are Where You Came From (a very Past Prologue-like idea!) on 11/19.   Anyone who is a sucker for a good pun is a friend of mine!
  • Tonia from Tonia’s Roots on 11/25.  Not only is Tonia from one of my favorite states, but she has some really interesting family history facts!
  • UPDATE: Cheri from Those Old Memories on 11/30 right after I wrote this post!  I wish the days were longer, too, Cheri, and I would have caught your post before I posted this.

Thanks, ladies!  I appreciate the “love” and I hope it motivates me to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging!

2 thoughts on “I Haven’t Felt Creative Lately, But…

  1. I love the way you have written the whole thing. There is no doubt it that you are a resourceful person but I think your idea is very much innovative and distinctive.

  2. Hmmm, Donna. I think I may have to look into the possibility that you may be the missing triplet sister of Jasia and me! It could be an interesting investigation, but be forewarned that I could dig up some unexpected connections!


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