Donna’s Picks: January 10, 2010

It’s Back!  The Return of “Donna’s Picks”! [Insert dramatic music here]  “Donna’s Picks” is my occasional feature to highlight other blogs, posts, or articles that may be of interest to my fellow genealogists.   Sit back and enjoy the following links:

Online Language Tool – I read about this on a mailing list, but before I could post about it the blogs were already talking!  Several blogs related to Polish genealogy wrote about it, but I’ll credit Jasia at Creative Gene as the first one I read.  Read I won’t Be Going Bald Anytime Soon! in which she highlights a new complete Polish-English (and English-Polish) online dictionary at the University of Pittsburgh.

Genealogical Records – Multi-blogger Lisa, this time from A Light That Shines Again, re-posted an “oldie but goodie” about her great-great-grandfather’s naturalization papers.  Rather than just a dry transcription, Lisa set up the historical context in which he lived.  Read her fascinating look at Tierney family treasure: Patrick’s naturalization papers, 1876.

Genealogical Philosophical Question of the Week
– Tim Agazio of Genealogy Reviews Online asks To Subscribe or Not To Subscribe to Ancestry – That is the Question.  Let him know what your answer is – it’s one we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another.

Blah – Do you have a hard time being happy in January?  For inspiration, read JoLyn’s How to be Happy in January from a year of happy.

Happy 101 – Speaking of happy, Becky at kinexxions has awarded me “The Happy 101 Award”.  I am about to make an “Awards” page here at What’s Past is Prologue since most times these round-robin kudos don’t have anything to do with genealogy.  However, they are very nice to receive and this one is no exception, so thank  you, Becky!  I’ll comply with the first requirement: list ten things that make me happy.  That’s easy!  In no particular order of importance, they are:

  1. sunshine
  2. palm trees
  3. my nieces and nephews
  4. red wine
  5. dark chocolate
  6. time spent with good friends
  7. Gene Kelly
  8. being in Rome, Italy
  9. the beach
  10. making someone laugh

SNGF – Each week, Randy Seaver at Geneamusings comes up with “Saturday Night Genealogical Fun”.  This week the emphasis is on the fun when he asks, “What’s your superpower?” Genealogical superpower, that is!  I thought I’d add my answer to this post.  My unique ability is helping folks find their elusive immigrant ancestor on passenger lists – specifically early 20th century through Ellis Island.  If you have someone you’re sure was a “stowaway” because you can’t find them, put me to the test!  Send me an email (see About Me) or leave a comment with details.  I’ll find out if it’s my super-power after all…

Donna, Super-Finder of Passenger Arrival Records - finding your family tree one twig at a time!

Hat tip to The Extraordinary Flying Condor, aka The Educated Genealogist, for the fun “Hero Factory”!

9 thoughts on “Donna’s Picks: January 10, 2010

  1. …Oh! Forgot to mention…

    I can vouch for your powerful passenger list prowess. You certainly have talents in that area.

    If you ever find have some spare time, Super-Finder, I’d love your thoughts on my search for the passenger lists my
    illusive great-grandfather Istvan/Stephen Toth (he traveled across the Atlantic at least twice roundtrip). His common name and the difficult handwriting on some of the passenger lists that I’ve found have made it hard to distinguish him from others sharing his name.

    Any advice from you on narrowing my search would be much appreciated.


  2. My Grandfather Nicholas or Mikolaj Brod or Brud was born in Niedomice, Poland in 1869. His Naturalization papers filed in Chicago state he arrived in NY August 5, 1893, his Declaration papers give the same date, yet the Common Pleas Court in Luzurne, Pennsylvania where the DI was filed give an arrival date of March 26, 1893. The year is undoubtedly correct, but I have yet to find him coming into Ellis Island (or on any passenger lists for those dates–there don’t seem to be any ships arriving in NY on either of those dates). Can you find him?

  3. Thanks to Finding Our Ancestors for also giving me the Happy 101 award. So, here are ten MORE things that make me happy:
    1) a genealogical new “find”
    2) listening to my favorite music
    3) reading
    4) a cup of hot tea
    5) being creative
    6) being with someone I love
    7) watching a good movie
    8) a good meal
    9) my family
    10) traveling

    Lisa and Sharon have decided to put my genealogical super-power to the test! I am currently working on their missing ancestors, so stay tuned…

  4. Hi Donna,
    I love your “on-again, off-again” series – very much in my style!
    I’ve awarded you the “Blogger’s Best Friend” award for your service to the community in finding items of interest for us.
    Evelyn in Montreal

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