Obituaries as Life Stories

One of the highlights of reading the Sunday edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer is the “Chick Wit” column by Lisa Scottoline. Lisa is best known as an author of mysteries and thrillers, but I adore her humor writing. In fact, if I wrote my humorous articles only half as good as hers, they’d be great.

Lisa’s “Chick Wit” usually makes me laugh out loud. Recently her column on April 11, 2010 ventured into genealogical territory on the subject of obituaries. While it was still humorous, the column was more poignant than “LOL” funny. She talks about reading obituaries:

I never saw them as being about deaths. I saw them as being about people, and I love people.

In other words, it’s not a death story. It’s a life story.

Read her entire column “Obits Make a Reader Feel Grateful” – you won’t be disappointed.


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