Come to the Family Reunion

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Come one, come all, to family reunion event of the year!  It’s the 100th edition of the Carnival of GenealogyCarnival? No, not the kind of carnival with rides and cotton candy!  In the blogging world, a carnival is an event that offers bloggers the opportunity to write a post centered around a different topic.  The Carnival of Genealogy (COG), created by Jasia of Creative Gene, is celebrating its 100th edition…a noteworthy event in the blogging world!  For this special edition, the topic is “There’s One in Every Family” – what that one is depends on your own interpretation and imagination!

Jasia has Polish ancestry like me, and in Poland there is a special saying used on birthdays and other occasions, “Sto Lat!”  Literally, it means “one hundred years”, and it a wish for many more birthdays to celebrate.  So I’m sure Jasia won’t mind if I refer to this COG as the Sto Lat Edition – join me in wishing her a joyous Sto Lat by submitting your post.  The COG has been a wonderful mainstay of the genealogy blogging community – may there be many more editions that enable us to share our family histories with each other.

Jasia’s dream for the 100th COG is to have a family reunion of sorts with contributions from past contributors as well as new bloggers.  Can we help her reach her goal of 100 submissions?  There are already about 40, so we have quite a few more to go to reach the goal by the deadline of December 1st.  I think we can do it!  Show your spirit, and join in the fun.  Whether you’ve submitted before or not doesn’t matter – you’re part of our family anyway.  Please help Jasia get 100 submissions…I’d hate to have to write another dozen submissions just from me, or strongarm some of my fellow genea-brothers and genea-sisters into submitting more than one, but that’s what I’ll do if I have to!  For more information, see Jasia’s Important COG Reminder and submit your blog article to the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy using the carnival submission form. I’ll see you at the reunion!

2 thoughts on “Come to the Family Reunion

  1. Dziekuje bardzo! It’s so sweet of you to promote the COG. I really appreciate it. I’m keeping the faith that I will get 100 submissions. I keep telling myself that this edition is no different than all the rest… Most of the articles submitted will come in in the 48 hours before deadline. I haven’t even written my own article yet, but I have finally decided who I want to write about. Hopefully I can get it written today. And I hope all my other COG family members will get to writing too!

    Thanks for being such a good friend!

    Sista Marina Jasiarina (Sheri invited me into the sisterhood 🙂

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