Who’s Number 100,000?

Photo by Ricardo Villela on Flickr (click image to view on Flickr).

Sometime in the next 18 hours or so, someone will visit here and my site meter (on the right) will read “100,000”! That’s a lot of visitors, and I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read, comment, or just have a look around.  I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of your company.  If you are the 100,000th visitor, please leave a comment!


9 thoughts on “Who’s Number 100,000?

  1. It’s almost like the New Year’s Eve countdown! I had to come back and see your number now. It’s at 99,986. (And you can tell I have a little too much free time on my hands….)

  2. Wow, there were far more visitors last night than usual so I reached the number far earlier than expected. Mr. or Miss 100,000 likely came here off of a search engine to an older post and had no idea about the excitement. Therefore, it is fitting that I bestow upon Motha Superior the title of 100,000. And I didn’t exactly have a prize to hand out, but given that it’s Sheri, I *do* have a prize! A Get Out of Hell Free Card!

    Love you all – thanks for reading.

  3. Looks like I missed it by just a few. I’m 100,093. Congratulations. 100,000+ is a lot of visitors!

    Leave it to the Jeanie/nun to be the winner! Tt’s very fitting. I hope you enjoy your Get Out of Hell Free Card, Sheri!

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