Be Back Soon…Or Something

To misquote Mark Twain, the rumors of my blog’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. After receiving thousands hundreds of inquiries (okay, there have only been two), I thought I should explain my AWOL status.  And I’d like to thank my one blogging friend and one German cousin for checking on my health!  I wish I had a more creative or interesting answer to the question of where I’ve been. I’m not sailing the world on my yacht, touring with the band, on my honeymoon, writing my book, deployed, or in the witness protection program. The reality is that I’ve temporarily kinda sorta lost interest in writing about my family history, and if it’s not interesting to me then I really can’t make it worthwhile for anyone else. In the past few months I discovered that if I’m not researching and blogging about it, I have more time do clean my house, go out with friends, read, and re-discover the guitar. But fear not, faithful friends, my interest in genealogy and blogging is starting to have a pulse. And after I attend a big genealogy conference this month I may actually be fired up again!

So, to my loyal readers Denise and Armin as well as anyone else who cares: I’ll be back. Sometime soon, or maybe next month. I have some stories ready to be written about some violent weather in my ancestors’ hometown, a fugitive immigrant, the “missing sister” puzzle, and a story that I’ve been trying to find the words to tell for over a year about a relative who can best be described as a true hero. Stay tuned…and thanks for hanging around.