Sepia Saturday: Mom on a Bike

This is a great photograph of my mother in 1950. She was only 14 years old yet to me she looks glamorous and sophisticated. But what’s funny about this photo is that my mother always said she never really learned how to ride a bike. I saw her ride one once, but she was a bit unsteady and gave up quickly. Even if it’s not her bicycle, you have to admit it makes a nice fashion accessory!

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14 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday: Mom on a Bike

  1. Thanks, everyone! I should have asked my Mom for the backstory ahead of time, but I asked her now. She says the photo was taken in her middle school schoolyard – it was someone elses’s bike and she doesn’t know whose. A girlfriend took the photo. And, believe it or not, THAT is how nice they dressed for school. Today you don’t even find kind of classy dressing in the workplace!

  2. Your mother was a beauty. Glad you posted the backstory for the picture. Back then girls wouldn’t dream of wearing pants to school, it was always dresses or sweater & skirt.

  3. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful photo of your mom. Wow! I’m only 10 years younger than she, but we never dressed so finely for school. Even if I had, I wouldn’t have looked so beautiful.

  4. I adore this one. can I have your permission to save this picture
    I am a visual artist in sc and I have been looking for subjects to paint would this be okay, what a wonderful classic pic

  5. elizabethartgirl…after my mother stopped laughing, she said, “Yes” – she’s honored that you would want to paint this photo. All we ask is – can we have a photo of the painting if you do it?

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