Five Years

My Aunt Donna's blog is 5!

My Aunt Donna’s blog is 5!

Tomorrow is the 5th blogiversary of What’s Past is Prologue! If blog years are anything like dog years, that’s a really long time. I’m humbled every year that I’ve managed to entertain, inform, and help others since I started this blog to entertain, inform, and help myself. I’ve found cousins, I’ve made friends. In five years, this blog has been viewed over 182,500 times and readers have left 1,665 comments. In 2012, I had 45,320 visitors (an increase since the previous year) for an average of 124 per day. And to that there’s only one thing to say about those statistics – thank you for visiting!

My five top posts (as in most visited) in 2012 were written in previous years. The top two posts written in 2012 were:

My personal favorites over the last year were:

I hope you had some favorites, too. I was semi-successful at keeping up with regular posting barring the occasional vacation or unexpected hospital stay and I have plans to continue for many more years. And after FIVE YEARS I finally changed the theme ever-so-slightly – do you like the brand new look?

Thanks to all of my readers and all of the great friends I have made through this blog. Maybe I don’t write just for me anymore – I write for you, too!


9 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Yes, you apparently write for a whole lot of people! Congratulations on these accomplishments. Five years is so impressive! I think I’ll never forget “I Was a Teenage Car Thief.” It’s understandable that it would be even one of your own favorites!

  2. Congratulations on five fantastic years, Donna! I love the show “Castle,” and your post on it is one of my all-time favorites. I’m looking forward to reading your blog for many more years to come.

  3. Sista Donner – Nathan Fillion’s butt was my favorite post as well. And on that note, I shall sing to you:


  4. My Ugly Sistas, I will not sing, I leave that to younger Sista, but I will wish you a very happy Blogiversary, Donner. I love every thing you write. My favorite? Why my birthday post of course. Regina Maven, posted while wearing my tiara.

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