Bergmeister Family

Welcome to the Bergmeister Family Page on the What’s Past is Prologue genealogy blog.  This page will show the detailed family tree information for other Bergmeister researchers.  My particular Bergmeister line begins in 1689 in a small town in Bavaria called Puch, which is located not far from Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm north of Munich (München).

The Bergmeister Ancestors

Note: As this page is intended to attract cousins (other descendants of these individuals), the only children listed for older generations are those that survived to adulthood.  The infant mortality rate was very high in the 18th and 19th Century.

Generation No. 1

1. Martin Bergmeister was born in 1689 in or near Puch, Bavaria.  He married Ursula Poernbeck [b. 1685 d. 05 May 1755] on 16 February 1736.  Martin died on 01 September 1752.  Note: information on Martin and Ursula provided by family in Germany and has not yet been confirmed in the Puch parish records.

Children of Martin Bergmeister and Ursula Poernbeck:
( 2 ) i. Johann Paul Bergmeister, b. 25 Feb 1721 (see Generation 2)
I have not yet identified other children of this couple.

Generation No. 2

2. Johann Paul Bergmeister was born on 25 February 1721 (or 1724) in Puch, Bavaria.  He married Maria Schwiger [b. 04 July 1727 to Anton and Maria, d. 10 April 1813] on 03 July 1753.  Paul died on 29 May 1784 in Puch.  Paul was a miller.

Children of Paul Bergmeister and Maria Anna:

( 3 )  i. Joseph Bergmeister, b. 25 Feb 1763 (see Generation 3)

ii. Lorenz Bergmeister, b. 1765

iii. Mathias Bergmeister, b. 1769

Generation No. 3

3. Joseph Bergmeister was born 25 February 1763 in Puch, Bavaria.  On 30 November 1800 he married Kreszens Zinsmeister [b. 01 April 1776, daughter of Jakob Zinsmeister and Josepha, d. 08 June 1852] in Puch.  Joseph died on 25 August 1840 in Puch, Bavaria.  Joseph was a miller.

Children of Joseph Bergmeister and Kreszens Zinsmeister:
i. Joseph Bergmeister, b. 02 March 1803
( 4 ) ii. Jakob Bergmeister, b. 20 March 1805 (see Generation 4)
iii. Johann Martin Bergmeister, b. 11 March 1812
iv.   Johann Simon Bergmeister, b. 05 October 1814

Generation No. 4

4. Jakob Bergmeister was born 20 March 1805 in Puch, Bavaria.  On 02 June 1835, he married Anna Maria Daniel [b. 24 June 1812 in Niederscheyern, Bavaria, daughter of Dionys Daniel and Walburga Schober, d. 02 February 1871] in Puch.  Jakob died on 18 September 1870 in Puch. Jacob was a miller.

Children of Jakob Bergmeister and Anna Maria Daniel:
i. Michael Bergmeister, b. 15 August 1837 in Puch, Bavaria, m. Magdalena in 1866 in Puch.
( 5 ) ii. Joseph Bergmeister, b. 09 February 1843 (See Generation 5)
iii. Castulus Bergmeister, b. 25 February 1845 in Puch, Bavaria, m. Viktoria Haeckl in 1867, d. 01 May 1912 in Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm, Bavaria

Generation No. 5

5. Joseph Bergmeister was born on 09 February 1843 in Puch, Bavaria.  On 11 April 1871 he married Ursula Dallmaier [b. 21 September 1846 in Asbach to Joseph Dallmaier, an innkeeper, and Ursula Eichinger, died 21 January  1911 in Regensberg] in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria.  Joseph’s death date is unknown, but he died before 1885 based on his wife’s subsequent marriage and children.  Joseph’s wife Ursula re-marries Herman Goetz of Regensberg and had at least two sons (Herman and Julius) and one daughter (Elsa). Joseph was a flour merchant and spent time in Munich.

Children of Joseph Bergmeister and Ursula Dallmaier:
i. Hilaury Bergmeister, b. 12 January 1870 near Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria.  Immigrated to the US in 1888.  Married Maximilian Thuman [b. 12 June 1857 Regensburg, d. 26 November 1941 in Philadelphia, PA] in 1896 in Philadelphia, PA.  Hilaury died 06 February 1943 in Philadelphia, PA.
ii. Maria Bergmeister, b 17 November 1871.  It is unknown if Maria survived infancy.
( 6 ) iii. Joseph Bergmeister, b. 12 February 1873 (See Generation 6)
iv.   Ignatz Nicholas Bergmeister, b. 23 April 1876.  Immigrated to the US in 1904.  Married Therese Frank [b. 1880 in Germany to Wolfgang Frank and Catharina Meyer] in New York City on 09 June 1907.  Ignatz Nicholas died 19 November 1919 leaving two young children, Charles and Theresa.

Generation No. 6

6.  Joseph Bergmeister was born on 12 February 1873 in Vohburg an der Donau, Bavaria.  On 02 November 1897, he married Maria Echerer [b. 27 February 1875 in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria, to Karl Echerer and Margarethe Fischer, d. 05 February 1919 in Philadelphia, PA, USA] in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm.  Joseph immigrated to the US in 1900.  Marie and daughter Marie immigrated in 1901.  The family settled in Philadelphia.  Joseph died in Philadelphia on 30 May 1927.  Joseph was a baker.

Children of Joseph Bergmeister and Maria Echerer:
i. Maria Bergmeister, b. 27 February 1898 in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Bavaria, d. 18 March 1990 in Philadelphia, PA
ii. Joseph Max Bergmeister, b. 16 April 1902 in Philadelphia, PA, d. 02 November 1986, m. Helen Pardus ( 1904-1988 )
iii. Maximilian Julius Bergmeister, b. 7 May 1905 in Philadelphia, PA, d. May 1974,  m. Sophia Kaczar (1905-1955)
iv.  Julius Carl Bergmeister, b. 16 June 1907 in Philadelphia, PA, d. 17 October 1963, m. Frances Mistera (1908-1954)
v.    Margaret Hermina Bergmeister, b: 11 April 1913 in Philadelphia, PA, d. 14 January 1998, m. James Pointkouski (1910-1980)

The Bergmeister Descendants

Generation No. 7, 8, 9, 10

As of today, there are at least 87 descendents of Joseph and Marie Bergmeister living throughout the United States.  For privacy reasons, detailed information ends with Generation No. 6 who are all deceased.  Generation No. 7 includes 14 first cousins; No. 8 includes 29 second cousins; No. 9 includes 37 known third cousins.  While I don’t yet have all of the details since I am still seeking out my distant cousins, I know that Generation No. 10 has already begun as well!

Descendant surnames include: Beavers, Bergmeister, Bordoni, Drucker, England, Hemmert, Horvath, Huey, Jacobs, Linnington, Mazur, Mullally, Pointkouski, Pries, Ross, Uva.

In addition to the descendants of Joseph and Marie Bergmeister, there are numerous Bergmeister descendants from other branches of this same family.  Joseph’s brother, Ignatz Nicholas, also immigrated to the US.  Although he died quite young, he had two children whose descendants I am trying to contact.  In Germany, there are Bergmeister’s descended from Castulus Bergmeister (see Generation No. 4, child iii) living in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm and Rosenheim.

There is at least one other Bergmeister family in the U.S. that has not yet been connected to the family above.  Paul Bergmeister, b. January 1845 somewhere in Bavaria, a cheese dealer, and his wife Lena (or Mary Magdalene) immigrated to Philadelphia in 1871.  Children included:
1.    Frank, b. May 1872, m. Sarah McIntyre in 1896 (sons Francis P., William J.)
2.    Frederick, b. 25 December 1873, m. Augusta Thoms in 1902 (son F. William or Willam F.)
3.    George, b. 22 September 1875, m. Minnie Soehle in 1896 (sons William, Paul)
4.    Lena (Magdalen), b. October 1877, m. George W. Montgomery in 1916
5.    Annie, b. December 1881, m. John Bartman
6.    Paul Joseph, b. 15 January 1884, m. Emma Soehle in 1907
7.    Louisa M. , b. September 1888, m. William Barry in 1909
If Paul’s birthplace in Bavaria can be determined, these two families may be linked as the name is not very common.

If anyone else is researching the BERGMEISTER family, please contact me!

Photo Gallery

(left to right) Julius, Margaret, Max, Joseph, Marie - October 10, 1959

Generation 7: (left to right) Julius, Margaret, Max, Joseph, Marie – October 10, 1959

Joseph Bergmeister and Marie Echerer, approx dates 1893-95

Generation 6: Joseph Bergmeister and Marie Echerer, approx dates 1893-95

Castulus and Victoria Bergmeiseter and son, 1872.  Castulus is the brother of my 2nd great-grandfather.

Generation 5: Castulus and Victoria Bergmeiseter and son, 1872. Castulus is the brother of my 2nd great-grandfather.


  • Bergmeister family records
  • Kirchenbuch, 1612-1900, Katholische Kirche Puch (BA. Pfaffenhofen), Film Number FHL INTL Film 1981574 Items 3-8
  • Kirchenbuch, 1597-1880, Katholische Kirche Pfaffenhofen Ilm (BA. Pfaffenhofen), Film Numbers FHL INTL Film 816440 through 816441,
  • 817542 through 817550, and 1958355 Items 4-6.
  • Philadelphia Marriage Indexes 1885-1951,

I have several posts on this blog about the Bergmeister family, including more photos.  See all posts labeled with the “Bergmeister” Surname category here.  Enjoy your visit, and please leave a comment if you’re a Bergmeister!

Für deutsche Forscher von der Familie Bergmeister, können Sie in Deutsch schreiben und ich werde versuchen, Ihnen zu antworten! Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf dieser Seite.

28 thoughts on “Bergmeister Family

  1. Hello,

    My name is Josef Bergmeister, I was born in Gaimersheim, Germany, on September 27, 1937. I left my family at age 17 and worked on ships for 6 years. I have traveled to 48 countries. In 1962 I immigrated to the USA. Since 1981, I reside in San Francisco. My phone is (415) 885-5854.

    My fathers name is Adreas Bergmeister, mother Theresia Bergmeister (Heinrich). I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers in Gaimersheim. My Grand-Grandfather wast out of Puch. They came to Gaimersheim, but I’m not sure which year. Bergmeisters had one of largest Fram in Gaimersheim, located behind and next to the Pfarrhaus. I believe that farmhouse is the is oldest in Gaimersheim. Now it is a Museum, it is a huge old structure. There are many Bergmeister in Gaimersheim, perhaps 20 families.

    The first Bergmeister in Puch was 2 brothers that came from Bozen – Bolzano, Italy. There are still many Bergmeister’s in Bolzano – they are also in Bakery business and others etc. They may have been the first Bergmeister in Bavaria as far as I know. Bergmeister had come from Bozen, Sourth Tirol when Bozen was South Tirol and belonged to Austria. Those two Bergmeister brothers purchased the grain mill in Puch and from there came all the Bergmeister’s in Germany.
    Next time I get to Germany I will stop by in Puch. I drove by in Oct. 2007, but had I had no time to stop by.

    There is also a Bergmeister in Rosenheim, Cafe and Pastry-Bakery, they had come out of Pfaffenhofen Cafe – Bakery. I knew there been 2 brothers Bergmeister who immigrated to USA. They were also in Bakery business and settled in Philadelphia, PA. I used work in N.J. in 1962-64, but never found time to visit them. I met one Bergmeister from Philadelphia in 1964-65 in San Francisco. I told him about where his family’s ancestry came from. I remember that young Bergmeister who I met in San Francisco had very little knowledge where he should start to search for Bergmeister in Germany. I told him to start the search in Pfaffenhofen. Because I knew those two Bergmeisters in Philadelphia as far I know either they came out Puch or from Pfaffenhofen.

    Anyway, I know there is one Bergmeister who is also doing ancestry research in Gaimersheim, if you want me I find out how to get in touch with him, let me know, then you both can exchange your findings. I may have some errors in my writing, sorry for that. But I have to come to a close. Look forward to hear from you.

    Sincerely, Josef Bergmeister

  2. Posted: January 25, 09

    From: Josef Bergmeister

    To my surprise, by my search today, I discovered there are not only a few Bergmeister as I assumed in Bolzano and surrounding towns, but there more as 500, by family name Bergmeister. It look’s to me Bergmeister’s own Bolzano. We have quite many Bergmeister in our area, arround Ingolstadt – Gaimersheim, Geisefeld, Pfaffenhofen, Puch, Rosenheim, but not close to the number like Bolzano.
    Please do a search and see for yourself: Search by name “Bergmeister Bolzano” Bolzano with (L) is for English, “Bergmeister Bozano” Bozano without (L) is for German. For different region, search by “Bergmeister Family”, also “Bergmeister Ancestors”.
    There is no doubt, that all related Bergmeister Ancestors, where ever they around the Globe are related to the Bergmeister Tree out of Bolzano, blood line.
    To my knowledge the first and perhaps only Bergmeister, which has come out of Bolzano to Geisenfeld, Bavaria, near Ingolstadt, in the early years of the 1600 century. That specific Bergmeister acquired a grain mill. That grain mill has been in Bergmeister Family hands for 400 years, till the last one of the family a Lady, sold the grain mill a few years ago.,
    I would really appreciate, if any Bergmeister or others, would be so kind to any knowledge, they may have to this Family Tree. That Lady Mrs. Donna Pointkouski – Bergmeister done so mauch work for all others Bergmeister, who have not found the time to add to the Bergmeister Tree, till know.
    We thank and look forward to your hear from you soon.

    Sincerely, Josef Bergmeister

  3. Hello,

    I’m Carl Linnington, one of six sons to Rita Linnington (nee: Bergmeister) who is one of three daughters to Max Bergmeister of Gen 6. I was thrilled to find your site and will be passing the information on to the distant cousins that I know.

    Carl Linnington

  4. Just looking for family crest and stumbled upon this site. My Father is William Charles Bergmeister now residing in Northern California as of 2-18-2009. He is the son of William Francis Bergmeister deceased approximately 25yrs. ago. My father was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1934. I am not sure where William Francis was born but his parents came here from Germany.

  5. Laura,

    Your grandfather William Francis is likely the son of Frederick or George Bergmeister, both born in Phila, who were the sons of Paul who came from Bavaria. This family is noted at the bottom of the page as a possible relative, but I haven’t traced back where Paul came from in Germany. I do hear from several of your cousins though. 😉 Chances are we’re related, but until someone finds out what town Paul came from, it’s hard to tell.

    Thanks for commenting!


  6. Joseph Max Bergmeister (in your Gen 7) was married to my grandmother’s sister. I only vaguely remember “Uncle” Joe and “Aunt” Helen, but it was nice to find his picture in your blog and read about the history of the Bergmeisters. Many thanks for putting this together.

  7. My mother was Ruth Helen Bergmeister, born 1928. Her father was Paul Bergmeister and Mother was Helen Phipps aka Emma Soehle. She changed her name as she was raised by someone other than her mother and father. She had 5 siblings, Minnie, Alma, Paul, Carol and George who died as a baby. My grandparents were George Bergmeister and Minnie Bergmeister–their gravestone was spelled Burgmeister. They are all buried (except my uncle Paul, still living) at Lawndale Cemetery in Lawndale, Philadelphia County, PA. All were born in Phila., Pa. George’s parents were Powel (Paul) Bergmeister born 1845 and Lenna both born in Bavaria. I too am trying to find their parents. Please email me if you have come across any other information.

    Susan Hanley

  8. Sorry:

    I was wrong about Emma Soehle. My grandmother was Helen Viola Phipps and was married to Paul Bergmeister in Phila., PA but she was born in 1908 and Paul was born in 1901. They were married in 1925. When Paul died in 1945 Helen married a cousin by the name of Soehle. Also George and Minnie were my great grandparents.

  9. Susan,

    Thanks for your comments! I hear more from your cousins than I do from my own (in addition to Laura who commented above, you may know your cousins Bill News and Frank X. Bergmeister, both of whom have contacted me about the family name). I can pass along their addresses via email if you want to contact me that way.

    My suggestion on finding Paul’s place of origin, and what I would do if I was researching this line, would be to find each of the children’s birth and/or baptismal records. I would start with the oldest, and most especially look at the baptismal record. German immigrants tended to go to churches with German-speaking priests, and their hometown is more likely to be recorded the closer to the date they got here which is why I recommend looking for Frank first rather than your ancestor George (though they are likely all baptized in the same church).

    I am definitely interested in the answer as to where Paul and Lena are from. As you are probably aware, the name is not all that common. My Bavarian cousin is also eager to link the two families together.

    Incidentally, do you know where Lawndale Cemetery is located? If so, do you know the location of the grave? I work in the Lawndale section of Philadelphia, and I could perhaps visit during lunch one day, but I am not familiar with a cemetery of that name (there are a lot in the vicinity though).

    Do you know when Paul and Lena died and/or where they are buried?


  10. Hi Donna:

    It is Lawnview Cemetery on Huntington Pike. If you do go, please visit my mother Ruth Smith (Bergmeister) as I live in So. California and don’t get there very often.

    I don’t have the dates for death or the cemetery on Powell Bergmeister. You may want to ask the person at Lawnview Cemetery if they were buried there. They had those plots for a very long time.

    I just found a great pilot website
    check it out. It has a ton of information.

    Also has family history on it. I think I found Powell in Germany, The birth dates and place are the same. He was named Paulus Born Jan 15, 1845 and Christened in Roemisch-Katholische, Hoerdt, Pfalz, Bayern. His Father was Georgii Bergmeister and Mother Franciscae Neigel. I’ll let you know if I have any other info

  11. I am the grandson of Julius and Frances bergmeister from phila, pa my mom was Florence. We never heard much about this side of the family, my mom past away last yearand when me and my sister went through old photos that picture on this page of my grandad was one of them!

  12. Hallo to the Bergmeister family,

    I´ll try to write in english. I have Bergmeister ancestors too. A “Paul Bergmeister” from the “Pustertal” (today it´s in northern Italy) came to the palatinate and married there in the year 1716 in Hoerdt. He was born about 1679 and died in Hoerdt 1734. May be he is a part of the 1st generation of your Bergmeisters?!

    Greetings from Germany

  13. Hallo Donna,

    please send me the E-Mail adress of Waltraut as personal note. I will contact Waltraut and explain all details.
    Kind regards of your uncle 5. degree


  14. Hi Armin,

    I would be glad you would contact me. Your name Armin is german? Are you german? Then write in german.

    Greetings from Germany!!

  15. Hi Susan,

    may be I have an info for you. Are you searching Paul Bergmeister born 15th of January 1845? His father was Johannes Georg Bergmeister, his mother wasn´t Franziska Neigel. Her surname was WEIGEL. The Weigel family is also my ancestor family. If you want some details, then contact me.

    Greetings from Germany


  16. Hi Waltraud:

    I would love any information you may have regarding our ancestors. I am willing to give as much information as I can.
    Susan (Hunkapiller) Hanley
    My grandfather was Paul Bergmeister and grandmother was Helen (Phipps) Bergmeister. When Paul passed away she married Fred Soehle.

  17. Hi Susan,

    Armin told me, he has send you a lot of informations. Haven´t you got them? If not. you can contact us, we try it once more.

  18. Hi Waltraud:

    I still do not have any information on Johannes Georg Bergmeister and Franziska Weigel. Armin was kind enough to connect the brothers and sisters from Paul Bergmeister b. 1845 and Mary Magdelina (Lena) Bergmeister. I am updating the information that I have.

    I would appreciate any more information you have on Johannes and Franziska and any other children they have had along with their decendants.

    Happy New Year,

  19. Hi everyone, I am still trying to update the Paul Bergmeister family. It’s a process but fun. Thank you Waltraud and Armin for all your information!

  20. Hi Susan,
    you wanted to update the family of Paul Bergmeister.
    Is there any progress? Please let us know, if there is any success.
    Kind regards from Bavaria

  21. I understand Kurt Bergmeister, formerly of the Philadelphia, PA area and most recently a resident of Destin, FL, passed away.
    I was friends with him when he lived in Philadelphia, and would see him on his visits back to this area. Is there any other information regarding his passing, as I was only recently told about it, but have not seen an obituary.

    Any information would be appreciated.
    Kevin Custer email to

  22. Kevin,

    I emailed you. Kurt Bergmeister isn’t a relative of mine but he is from the “other” Philadelphia Bergmeister family I mention at the end of the post. I did not find an obit online but I sent you his brother’s email address. His brother has commented on other pages of this blog in the past.


  23. Hello,

    Mij name is Nadja Bergmeister, born on 9th of january 1972 in Leverkusen, Germany. I do not know anything about my grand-parents. The only thing I know that their names were Kar-Heinz Bergmeister and Elisabeth, there children names are Friedrich (my father), Helene and Lore.

    Does anybody know them?

    My email-adres is

  24. Just FYI – if anyone tries to contact Josef Bergmeister who commented above and elsewhere on this blog, he passed away in October, 2012. We never did prove our “connection” because it’s rather far back. I will certainly miss his enthusiastic emails and comments. Rest in peace, Josef!

  25. I am the sister of Laura Totten from Feb 18, 2009 commenting above. Linda Orem (Bergmeister). I have sent this past prologue to my our mom and dad, William Charles Bergmeister and Donna Jean Coffey-Bergmeister, who live in Pollock Pines, CA. Wlliiam (Bill) has in the past had an ancestry search done, and they had located and visited in Germany, onthe Autrian border in 2011, some living relatives they began corresponding with. I wills ee what their names are and were. I know the husband wa a doctor, the son a veternarian I believ. We also had a brother Kurt William Bergmeister who was born in 1969 e=who passed in an auto accident in 1989.

    Bill was born in PA and they lived close to the naval shipyards, while growing up I believe they had a restaurant and bakery. I do not recall ever hearing where Dad’s father (Grandpa Bill Franklin Bergmeister) was born, I don’t believe he came from Germany directly, but his parents may have. The coat of arms provided to us is 2 lions standing up holding onto or steering a ship’s stern wheel in front of a shield of red and green from what I recall.

  26. My name is Carina Biggs. My grandmother was Kunigunde Bergmeister from Gaimersheim. Her mother was Katerina Bergneister who was married to Andreas Bergmeister. They owned the Fisher hoff.

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