Ancestors on Facebook?

Janet Hovorka, the Chart Chick, had a link to her sister’s blog.  Her sister talks about how great it is to use Facebook to meet up with old friends and plan a family reunion.  Then she asks an intriguing question:

…wouldn’t a genealogical version of facebook, devoid of time and space, be intriguing? Locate family members, link generations, pictures, tidbits, get to know your long losts…. I’d love to “friend” my 3rd great-grandmother Magdalena Straubhaar Schwendiman and have a bit of wall-to-wall with her. And I’m sure I’d love the status reports from my great-grandfather Joseph Hatton Carpenter. He had some jolly songs and anecdotes and was somewhat of an English character. Hmmmmm…

You had to do it…here I am off from work on a snow day and feeling in a creative mood.  Well, let me think…what would it be like to have my ancestors on Facebook?  See my take on what it would be like if my ancestors were on Facebook (click on the image to see a larger view):

Maybe we don't really need more family in our life - LOL!

Maybe we don't really need more family in our life - LOL!

I can see it now…what groups would my grandparents join?  Would my grandmother “friend” her sisters that did not get along?  Would the feuding brothers be friends?  Further back, would the German-speaking ancestors befriend the Polish-speaking ones because they share common descendants?  Who would be addicted to bumper stickers, flair, and games?  What would my great-grandparents be “fans” of?

The “what-if” possibilities are endless – and humorous! If we could communicate with our deceased ancestors, we’d not only have more Friends, but more people commenting on our status, photos, and friends. Hmm, maybe we all already have enough advice in our lives!