On this page I’ve listed some of the articles I have written on genealogy and other topics. If the article is online, I’ve included a link. Otherwise, I hope to have downloadable PDF files for each article coming soon.

My genealogy-related articles:

  • “Top 10 Websites for Researching Your Polish Ancestors” – Internet Genealogy Apr/May 2012
  • “Finding Your Ancestors in Russian Consular Records” – Pathways & Passages Winter 2012
  • “Finding Polish Records Online with Geneteka” – Pathways & Passages Winter 2011
  • “The Case of the Missing Sisters” – Family Chronicle Sep/Oct 2011
  • “If These Walls Could Talk” – Internet Genealogy Feb/Mar 2010
  • Net Notes: HyperHistory Online, Poznan Marriage Records Indexing Project, and Norway Heritage – Internet Genealogy Dec/Jan 2009
  • “Fact or Fiction: Top Genealogical Myths”- Discovering Family History Nov/Dec 2008
  • “How Far Can a Few Facts Take You?” – Discovering Family History Sep/Oct 2008
  • Net Notes: Shades of the Departed – Internet Genealogy Aug/Sep 2008
  • Net Notes: Purpose Games – Internet Genealogy Aug/Sep 2008
  • “Spring Cleaning: Genealogy Style!” – Internet Genealogy Jun/Jul 2008
  • “Genealogical Societies” – Discovering Family History Online Preview Issue 2008
  • “20 Best Sites for Italian Genealogy” – Internet Genealogy Apr/May 2008 – PDF – Best Italian Sites
  • “Researching Your French Ancestry Online” – Internet Genealogy Feb/Mar 2008
  • “Net Notes:” – Internet Genealogy Feb/Mar 2008
  • “Genealogy Blogs” – Internet Genealogy Aug/Sep 2007
  • “Net Notes:” – Internet Genealogy Aug/Sep 2007 – PDF
  • “Don’t Forget Those Collateral Lines” – Family Chronicle Jul/Aug 2007 – PDF
  • “Please Mr. Postman: Writing Letters Overseas” – Internet Genealogy Jun/Jul 2007 – PDF – Writing Letters Overseas
  • “Surname Distribution Maps: Where’s Your Name?” – Family Chronicle Jul/Aug 2007
  • “US Draft Cards Available Online” – Internet Genealogy Dec/Jan 2007 – PDF – US Draft Cards
  • “Top Ten Websites for Polish Genealogy” – Internet Genealogy Apr/May 2006

Articles on other subjects:

Genealogy Speaking Engagements:

  • “Finding Your Eastern European Ancestors in Russian Consular Records” presented at the Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast’s 2011 conference on 15 October 2011
  • “Blogging Your Genealogy” presented at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on 19 October 2011

3 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Donna – wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your article on “How Far Can a Few Facts Take You?” in the Discovering Family History magazine. Just read it yesterday & you did an amazing job!

  2. Donna, I don’t see anyway to email you so I will ask my question about your family in this post. I have a cousin married to a Joseph Piontkowski who is from Philadelphia, now living in NJ. My cousins maiden name is Coward. Any relation?

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