Weekend with Shades: If You Don’t Have a Photo, Choose One!

pope john paul ii shadesIt’s time for my monthly “Weekend with Shades” column at Shades of the Departed, The Humor of It.  This month read all about my obsessive search for photos of my ancestors and my hopefully humorous musings on what to do if you don’t have any in “Will the Real Pointkowski Great-Grandparents Please Stand Up?”

I’d choose the nice Polish fellow sporting shades pictured here to be my ancestor, but if he was my ancestor he wouldn’t have been pope!

Previous “Weekend with Shades” columns:

2 thoughts on “Weekend with Shades: If You Don’t Have a Photo, Choose One!

  1. I have enjoyed the past few entries. I found the manifest marking especially interesting. I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    What I wanted to know is how you got the copies of Ancestry on your blog? Did you just copy and paste. Many time I find things there that I would like to post on mine, I just did not know it could be done.


  2. Claudia,
    I did a screen capture. There are a few ways to do it, but the way I do it is to have what you want in the window of your browser, then hold down the Alt key and hit the “print screen” key. Then I open up a photo editing program like Adobe Elements and paste it as an image. All you do then is crop it to exactly what you want (taking out the window border, address bar, etc) and save the image. Voila! I hope that helps.

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