The WDYTYA Drinking Game

Genealogists really love Friday nights since the return of NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are (WDYTYA) . Well, knowing our crowd, we loved Friday nights even before the show’s return, but this makes the start of the weekend even more fun.  We like to watch it, we like to criticize it, we like to blog about it, we like to tweet about it, we like to discuss it.  Face it – WE LIKE IT! To add to the fun, I offer the WDYTYA Drinking Game.  Unlike most stunts, you actually are encouraged to try this at home rather than while you’re out!  The rules are simple – just before showtime grab a glass, can, or bottle of your favorite beverage.  If one of the following events happens during the show, take a swig of your favorite swill:

* The celebrity finds new information and remarks, “Well, I guess I have to go to <insert town, state, or country> now!” – one drink

* The celebrity goes back several generations in two minutes or less – one drink for each generation

* There is a plug for Ancestry in the show – one drink if Ancestry is accessed by a researcher, and two drinks if by the celebrity

* The celebrity finds a photograph of their ancestor in a library or archive – one drink, two if it’s a tintype

* During the commercial break, there’s a commercial for Ancestry – one drink, and get up to refill during the other commercials

* White gloves are used to handle a document – one drink

* White gloves are NOT used to handle a document – two drinks, three if you tweet The Photo Detective or footnoteMaven to complain about it

* The celebrity says, “Wow!” after a find – one drink (Caution notice: after seeing the coming attractions for the Rosie O’Donnell episode, make sure your DVR is set if your beverage of choice is alcoholic, because you might be passed out before the show is over.)

* The celebrity compares the ancestor’s life story to their own – one drink

* A genea-colleague tweets, “Hey, I’m related to <celebrity’s ancestor> too!” during the show – one drink, two drinks if you are related too, three if you call in to Geneabloggers Radio to talk about it

* While watching,  you think “I could have found that!” – one drink, two drinks if you can formulate a proper source citation for it while drinking

* The celebrity takes notes – one drink, two drinks if they use a computer.

* A genea-colleague tweets, “Hey, my ancestors are from <celebrity’s ancestor’s location> too!” during the show – one drink, two drinks if yours are from there too

* You know the librarian, archivist, or genealogist who is helping the celebrity on the show – one drink

* You are the librarian, archivist, or genealogist who is helping the celebrity on the show – buy a few cases of beverages and host a party for the rest of us

Enjoy the show tonight, and remember – do try this at home!  Add your own suggestions in the comments…

35 thoughts on “The WDYTYA Drinking Game

  1. Makes me wish I was going to be home tonight! But never fear, I can try it next week, or when watching the DVR version. But it will cut down on the drinks, not having the tweets go go along….

  2. This is awesome! I re-posted it everywhere. I can’t wipe the smile off my face, it gives whole new meaning to who I think I am! =) Thanks for the fun!

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  4. Well, I’m already a little tipsy, but WDYTYA won’t air for another two hours…I blame a crappy week and an especially crappy day which has sent me to the wine bottle long before the TV show comes on!

  5. I was already at a party today (hey, you were there) and just got home in time to fill my glass.

    Yes, I think Wow! is going to get us all to fall off the wagon.

    I’m going to start with a drink for last week. They actually pronounced the name of my birth state correctly. Missoura. This is how we tell the foreigners.



  6. Oh shucks! I found this right after watching tonight’s show 😦 But I’d like to think my sips of wine were well timed. Better luck next week.

  7. well, now I’m doubly sad! Not only did I miss the show [was on the phone and totally forgot]. . . I really hate to drink alone!! I’ll be at the party next week!

  8. I’ve been watching this series from Scotland, and rest assured, I will give this a Hebridean twist by downing a Laphroaig for every hit (have alerted the local hospital in advance…!)


  9. ROFL! I’m a little late in seeing this post. This is hilarious!! I told hubby about it and we are both gonna play the game for the next one. Hahaha! He’s looking forward to it more than ever now! Definitely doing the DVR thing too, don’t want to miss anything! ;-D

  10. Found this just in time for tonight! Hilarious.

    Geneabloggers has helped me find some of the best blogs. My subscription list is out of control after only 2 weeks.

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  13. Right after last night’s episode, the WDYTYA twitter account asked about the drinking game in relation to our #genchat. They were referred to this post… you’re fan base is growing!

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