A Letter from Santa: the Next Generation

Well, it’s true what “they” say that kids today have it all.  There’s nothing like being “one-upped” by your niece.  While I was fortunate as an 8-year-old in 1975 to receive a letter from one of Santa’s elves, Ziggy, my niece Natalie received a letter from Santa himself!  Can you believe it?  I was certainly impressed!  Natalie was 6 years old.  She also received a letter the following year, so Santa must really like her! This second letter – with impeccable handwriting in a lovely purple ink – was found under the tree:

Dearest Natalie,

Your Daddy told me that you have been a very good girl this year. I have been keeping a close eye on you and I’m pleased that you are doing so well. I am especially happy with your progress in school and how well you did in soccer – especially how quickly you made new friends.

Since I am very busy this time of year, not everyone can get a special letter like this one.  But your Daddy said that you have been extra special.  Your Daddy and Alleah must love you an awful lot and think you are a very precious girl to receive a special letter from me two years in a row!

Be sure to be a good girl this year and remember to always be kind and generous to other people – remember, not everyone is as lucky as you are…

Merry Christmas!  Love,

Santa Claus

Natalie, Christmas 2001

Natalie, Christmas 2001

If Natalie wasn’t lucky enough already, the letters and presents weren’t all that Santa left behind.  One year, he forgot his sleigh bells in his rush to get to the next house!  Natalie still has them in case Santa needs them back, but so far he hasn’t asked for them. Now she can share the story of that Christmas morning with her little sister and brother.  Who knows, maybe someday they’ll be lucky, too, and get a letter from Santa.

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