Do you have a photo of my great-grandmother?

Yesterday I celebrated the 100th anniversary of my great-grandmother’s arrival to the U.S.  Unfortunately, I did not include a photo of her, Elizabeth Miller Pater, with the post.  Even though she is the only great-grandparent who was alive during my lifetime, I have only one photo of her.  As you can see below, it is not in the best condition.   She is the little lady in the center of the photograph, seated third from the left.  We have no idea who the other individulas are, though the woman to the right of her resembles Elizabeth’s husband’s sister.

Elizabeth Miller Pater and unidentified friends/family at a picnic in 1947.

Elizabeth Miller Pater (center) and unidentified friends or family at a picnic in 1947.

My mother remembers seeing a beautiful photo of Elizabeth as a young woman, but we do not know what happened to it after Elizabeth’s death in 1972.  That side of my family has been a bit of a mystery, so I’d like to post some names in an attempt to perhaps find some cousins (and cousins with photos would be a bonus!).

Elizabeth Miller married Louis Pater in 1910.  They had five sons: Henry, Walter, Louis, Victor, and Eugene.  All of the sons were born in either Langhorne, PA, or Philadelphia.  Most were involved in the same trade as their parents – working in textile factories in Philadelphia.

Henry, the oldest, was my grandfather.  Two of the sons died young from tuberculosis – Louis in 1940 at the age of 24, and Victor in 1951 at the age of 32.  Neither Louis nor Victor had any children.

Walter was born on 08 July 1913 and died in April 1975.  At some point during his life, he changed his surname (most likely not legally as one would today) from Pater to Miller, his mother’s maiden name.  This is the name under which his death is registered; however, it is not clear if he used Miller for marriage or as the surname for his children.  Walter was married at least three times, possibly to a Jean and two women named Helen.  He has two known children: Barbara Patsy (estimated birth year 1938-1940) and Louis (estimated birth year 1941-1943).

Eugene was born on 19 July 1920 and died in January 1979.  It is not known when he was married or to whom, but he had at least three children: Gloria Jean (estimated birth year 1945), Larry (Lawrence? Laurence?), and Pauline (who was called Polly).  Larry and Polly were younger than Gloria Jean.

Because of the surname change to the more common name of Miller, and because of the female children, I have not had success in tracing these cousins. If there are any Pater or Miller descendents from these individuals, I would love to hear from you!  For more information on the Pater family’s ancestry, as well as a photograph of Louis Pater (the husband of Elizabeth) and their oldest son, Henry, see the Pater Family Page.


3 thoughts on “Do you have a photo of my great-grandmother?

  1. Not in the best condition?

    Wow! I’d love it if the oldest pic in my collection was that good lookin’! ;-D

    The original was so dark I was not able to clearly see the most important person in the photo, my 5 time married Great-Granny! ;-D

    I took the photo to one of those Kodak machines that allows you to not only make copies, but lighten them up considerably.

    Now I know what the one 1 woman who, as my research nemesis, tasks me so, looks like! ;-D

  2. My blog shows my history of the Pater family from the 1500’s it may be of some information to you. There is also a Fraternal Order of Paters in the Netherlands of which I am a member. They organized quite a few years ago by joining together people with the family name of Pater or derivitaves of it they may be of immense help to you. Your posting was sent to me by one such member Bram Pater. If you were of the family Amerongen-Pater he would have made mention of it but there is a chance that one of the other Pater groups would be of help to you.

    My blog is
    The Pater blog is

    My grandfather came to the U.S. in 1909 with his family. You should be able to find information of interest on either blog.

  3. P.S. In July our family will have its 100th anniversary of their arrival in the U.S. and we have invited Bram Pater from the Netherlands to be our guest for 3 weeks.

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